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Everwill is a full-service law firm that uses modern technology to deliver an easier and more affordable estate planning experience.

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Streamlined process.

No forms to fill. No office visits needed. A notary comes to you.

Our team and tech platform do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus your time on making good decisions for the future instead of administrative work.

High-quality legal services for less.

Our attorneys came from traditional law firms where they used to charge $3,500-$5,000 for a comprehensive estate plan.

Now with Everwill’s tech platform, our attorneys are able to provide the same services for a flat fee of $1,950.

How? Technology enables us to reduce overhead and pass savings back to you.

How does it work?

We learn a bit about you.

60-minute free consultation with your attorney. We then design and draft your plan.

Your attorney explains your plan.

We make sure you feel good about your plan before moving forward.

A mobile notary finalizes your plans.

We schedule a notary so all you need to do is be home to sign.

5-star rated on Yelp.

Possibly one of the most seamless experiences ever (at least when it comes to dealing with lawyers). My wife and I worked with Dennis to create and implement our trust. We were able to schedule calls during the week and were able to notarize the documents at our home on the weekend, so we didn't have to waste time commuting back and forth during the work week.

– Brian N., San Francisco, California

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Our no risk,
no worry guarantee.

We have a full refund policy if you’re ever not satisfied. No questions asked.

We make revisions easy.

First year revisions are free. After that, all revisions are a low flat fee.

Meet one of our senior attorneys, Dennis Lee, Esq.

We continue to support you even after your plan is complete.

We store your original copy in a high-security vault.

We have partnered with Coradata, one of California’s most trusted records management companies, to store the original copy of your living trust. You now have the assurance that it will never get lost or tampered with.

Manage access rights to your estate plan with our app (beta).

With the Everwill app, you can review plan details and manage who gets access to it and when at anytime. This ensures that only the people you trust most can access it.

We help transfer assets into your trust.

Getting an estate plan done doesn’t stop at the completion of your documents. You also need to transfer your assets into your trust. We help you do the heavy lifting so work is minimized on your end.

We help you pass on more than your assets.

Your life documentary.

Estate planning is about much more than your money. It’s about the people you love and the messages you want to leave for them, no matter what stage of life you’re in. See how we’ve helped thousands of people capture their life story and their messages for those they love.

Joel is 45. He is healthy and has many more decades to live, but wants to capture this moment in time and the details that are part of it for his 3 young kids to look back on someday.

Rommel is 42. He is fighting brain cancer and despite his prognosis 5 years ago of only having 6 months to live, he is still slive. We helped Rommel capture his messages for his wife and 2 children.

Start protecting your family.

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