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Our mission is to make wills and living trusts accessible to everyone.  We are passionate about delivering great value to our clients.

Living Trust

Advanced Living Trust*





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Simple, flat-fee pricing. No surprise bills.

* We'll help you figure out if you need an advanced living trust.

All plans also include a power of attorney and advance healthcare directive.

Your simple process for peace of mind:

You are not charged by the hour. It will cost the same price no matter how long we take to speak with you or write your will and living trust.

 Save your money.

You will fully understand the impact of your living trust and confirm that all of your needs and concerns were addressed to your utmost satisfaction.

Have peace of mind.


With the help of our mobile notary, you will be able to sign your will and living trust from anywhere that is convenient to you.

Enjoy your life.

Experienced lawyers who are mothers and fathers, just like you

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The Everwill Full Refund Policy

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"After our youngest left for college, my husband and I realized we were not getting any younger, and it was time to get our house in order and finally get our living trust done.  We had interviewed a couple of other attorneys in the past, but I always felt that we were on the clock and there was not enough time to ask all of our questions. We never felt that way with Janice. In fact, we were given 2 free consultations, and she talked to us for close to 2 hours in just the first consultation. She was incredibly patient, detailed, and knowledgeable. On top of that, we paid literally 1/3 what we were being quoted from other firms.  Seeing how great a process it was, Janice + team are now taking care of my daughter’s trust. Thank you Janice!"

Jennifer Appleton, Los Angeles

Are you ready to start protecting what you cherish?

Protect your loved ones. Protect your assets.

All we do is estate planning.

Take care of your grandkids

Ensure that your grandchildren are provided for, the way you want.

Manage what in-laws get

You spent a lifetime accumulating your assets. Choose who they go to.

Time when kids get assets

With assets comes responsibility. Make sure your kids are ready.   

Avoid unnecessary taxes

Minimize taxes and probate fees so that your life savings go to loved ones, not the government. 

Spare your family of burden

Make sure your loved ones are able to receive assets without the lengthy and stressful process of probate.

Leave things in harmony

When your wishes are clear, there is no confusion among loved ones. 

Living Trust

$950 flat fee

(on average $3,000 at traditional firms)

Advanced Living Trust

Call for Pricing

(on average 50% less than traditional firms)


Janice Shen, Head Attorney

Peng Li, Head of Attorney Development

Jeff Sydney, Head of Innovation

Our client care team is ready to help. Call to set up your free consultation.

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Estate plans created by licensed estate planning lawyers in your area

Unlimited legal advice and revisions

Zero risk; if you're not satisfied, you don't pay

Wills starting at a flat fee of $199



Plans and Pricing




Living Trust
Pourover Will
Advance Health Care Directive
Power of Attorney
1 Deed Transfer
Asset Protection Trust
IRA Inheritance Trust
Unlimited Attorney Time



We know that you might feel unsure about working with an attorney online. That's why we offer a process that is risk free for you.

Free to try

We offer two free consultations, where you can work with an attorney to get all of your questions answered. No preparation is needed and there is no such thing as a dumb question.

No pressure to buy

Pay at the end

Full refund guarantee

Our attorneys make a fixed salary, regardless of the number of clients they have. This means we are focused on helping you, not making a sale and not watching the clock.

Unlike traditional law firms, we don’t require clients to sign engagement letters upfront. See the quality of our service for yourself. We do the work upfront, and you pay after your estate plan is drafted.

If for any reason you're not satisfied, we will offer a full refund. No questions asked.

Combined 163 years of experience in our field.

Over 3,400 court cases overseen. 

We know what happens in court when there’s no plan in place, so we know how to put together a good plan for you.

68% of our attorneys graduated from a top 20 law school.

Our client care team is ready to help. Call to set up your free consultation.

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Online DIY Solutions


LegalZoom/Rocket Lawyer/Nolo

Properly re-titling assets in the name of a trust

Work with a real attorney

Optimized to reduce inheritance taxes

No office visit required

Everwill vs. Traditional Law Firms

* Average price in 2017

Everwill vs. DIY

Modern Law Firm


Better than an online DIY solution. More affordable than a traditional law firm.

Everwill offers the best of both worlds

Living Trust price

Will price

No office visit required



Modern Law Firm


Traditional Law Firm




1.  Talk to a highly-qualified attorney for 1 hour by phone

2. Review your will and trust with our attorney for 1 hour 

3. Sign and notarize from   your home or work



The Everwill Difference


Comprehensive California will & trust

FREE 1-Hour Consultation with a Senior Attorney

Simple flat rate (no hidden costs)

Step-by-step guidance by an attorney 

Digital processes with minimal paperwork

Sign with our mobile notary at your home or work

FULL REFUND, no-questions-asked policy

Secure digital storage of documents (Coming soon!)

Manage who and when your documents can be accessed (Coming soon!!)

Traditional Law Firm




Plans and Pricing


Simple Plus

Simple & Sensible plan PLUS unlimited revisions for 1 year

You have spent your life building valuable things of beauty and purpose. 

Let's protect what you cherish.

Simple & Sensible



Flat rate for your will & living trust - done efficiently


The Everwill

Unlimited estate planning counsel

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Traditional Law Firm

Living Trust

Pourover Will

Advance Health Care Directive

Power of Attorney

All Plans Include

Asset Protection Trust

IRA Inheritance Trust

1 Deed Transfer


DIY Forms like LegalZoom

Your Everwill attorney will guide you through the entire process to nurture your legacy and help you get peace of mind.

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